EUROPIC membership benefits

  • Networking opportunities
    As a EUROPIC member you are connected to a unique permanent industrial platform in Process Intensification. You’ll interact with European leading companies. Efficient web-based communication included.
  • Free access to high-quality information services
    • Unlimited access to world’s largest information databases on Process Intensification: on PI literature, patents, including patent analysis reports, on PI technology providers, experts and research groups active in PI worldwide.
    • Access to technology reports, technology scouting reports, position papers and trend analyses, prepared by the world’s top experts in the field.
    • Access to independent benchmarking of PI technologies.
  • Consultancy
    One-to-one consultancy in all relevant PI areas (also under secrecy agreement). Including expert assessment of PI-opportunities in your manufacturing facility. Rely on the best external consultants.
  • Technology & business interface throughout the entire value chain
    Direct and permanent technology & business interface between end-users, engineering companies and PI technology providers and equipment manufacturers.
  • Trainings/instruction
    Free access for own personnel to specialized trainings and courses at EUROPIC locations. On-request tailored trainings at your location.
  • Research
    Professional preparation and management of the collaborative project proposals, resulting in higher scoring chances.
  • Recruitment
    Access to high quality graduates and Ph.D.’s.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Brunelle, Rhodia-Solvay, Process R&D Director and Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board of EUROPIC, interviewed by the EUROPIC Management Team:

“Process Intensification aims to drastically increase productivity and/or decrease resource & energy consumptions and capital intensity of processes. But also to generate new products, thanks to technologies able, either to cut out energy & mass transfer limitations, or to decrease the number of steps of these processes. ‘Faster, better, simpler, cheaper’. …

“PI aims to improve competitiveness and sustainability of our value streams, but also in some cases to generate new businesses thanks to new products.  …

“We have today several industrial applications of PI technologies like homogeneous reactive distillation, static mixing or membrane separation.  …

“PI plays a significant role in the current development of our step change projects. We are now expecting more ideas of development of new products thanks to PI technologies.

Read the full interview with Jean-Pierre Brunelle

Dr. Thomas Bott, head of the Polymer Technology Unit of the Polymer Research organization at BASF, and member of the Strategic Advisory Board of EUROPIC:

“ Process intensification can give access to novel products, which cannot be produced by conventional processes and can help to develop more sustainable processes. …

“PI plays an important role in our process research strategy. Our smart scale initiative focusses on production of specialty products in a flexible, continuous process with new type of equipment such as milli- or micro-structured reactors. …

“The change from batch or semi-batch processes to continuous processes is one key element of our process intensification strategy. …

“PI aims to simultaneously improve economic and ecological aspects of chemical production. …

“In general, the obtained benefit is a better competitive position of our manufacturing technologies. In many cases process intensification measures led to lower investment cost for new production plants and/or savings in energy consumptions. …

Read the full interview with Dr. Thomas Bott