Prof. Andrzej Stankiewicz (Delft) Chairman of the board, PI authority

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Stankiewicz, is Director of TU Delft Process Technology Institute and Head of the Chair of Intensified Reaction and Separation Systems at Delft University of Technology. With more than 35 years of industrial and academic research experience, he is author or co-author of ca. 100 publications on chemical reaction engineering, industrial catalysis and process intensification, and holds several patents in the field. He is co-author and editor of the world’s first book on Process Intensification: “Re-Engineering the Chemical Processing Plant”.

Andrzej Stankiewicz is also Editor of Elsevier journal “Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification” and Series Editor of the Green Chemistry Books Series (Royal Chemical Society). He was founder and the first Chairman of the Working Party on Process Intensification at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. He currently chairs the Board of the European Process Intensification Centre (EUROPIC).

The research interest of Prof. Stankiewicz focuses on the application of alternative energy forms and transfer mechanisms (lasers, microwaves, plasma, UV) for intensification of chemical reactions. In 2011 Professor Stankiewicz was awarded the prestigious Advanced Investigator Grant by the European Research Council, for carrying out research on “perfect chemical reactors”. In 2012 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded Prof. Stankiewicz and his co-workers a 2.8 mln dollar grant for developing a low-temperature plasma-based method to convert human waste into synthesis gas, in order to solve the sanitation and energy problems in developing countries.