Process Intensification provides radically innovative principles in process and equipment design. It significantly benefits process and chain efficiency, capital and operating expenses, quality, wastes, process safety and much more.

The most promising development path for the process industry

EUROPIC accelerates the application of knowledge and technologies in Process Intensification. We offer your company a fast range of high quality services. Including interaction with leading companies, and unlimited access to the world’s largest PI databases.

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Accredited Experts

Prof. A. Gorak
Prof. H.-J. Bart
Prof. J.-F. Chen
Prof. R. Dittmeyer
Prof. T.  Tsotsis
Prof. G.-J. Witkamp
Prof. J. A. Moulijn
Prof. J. C. Schouten
Prof. M. Cabassud
Dr. P. Tochon,
Prof. V. Hessel
Prof. A. Olujic
Prof. L.D. Schmidt
Dr. E. Esveld
Prof. K.M. Ng
Prof. L. Janssen
Dr. P. Kreis
Dr. K. Boodhoo
Dr. T. Kudra
Dr. V. V. Linek
Prof. X.-W. Ni
Prof. A. Kowalski
Prof. Z. Lei
Prof. O. Kappe
Prof. D. Bogdal
Prof. U. U. Neis
Prof. M. M. Poliakoff
Prof. A. Pandit
Prof. U. Hoffman
Prof. E. Molga
Dr. M. Bisschops
A. Grange
Prof. M.-O. Coppens
Prof. D. Agar
Dr. G. Stefanidis
Prof.  Lei Shao
Dr. T. Van Gerven
Dr. V. Pangarkar
Prof. J. Legrand
Dr. P. Gogate
Prof. S.K. Sastry
Prof. E. Drioli
Prof. J.M. Commenge
Dr. A. Pabby
Prof. A. Jacobi
Mr. C Wajciechowski
M Kordac
Dr. Ph. Lutze
Prof. Th. Melin
Prof. E. Tronconi
Prof. M. Ohadi
Prof. P. Kumar Das
Prof. R. Hoogenboom
Prof. M. Perrut
Dr. J. Hristov
Dr. R. Michud
Prof. C. Gourdon
Prof.  E. Santacesaria
Dr. C. De Bellefon
Prof. N. Kockmann
Dr. B. Biscans
Prof. U. Schubert
Prof. E. Kenig

Stay ahead in Process Intensification


Member benefits

  • Networking with leading companies
  • Access to world’s largest PI databases
  • Access to Technology Reports by World Experts
  • Consultancy & expert assessment
  • Technology & business interface throughout the chain
  • Specialized trainings & courses
  • Research to facilitate project proposals
  • Recruitment: access to excellent staff

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